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Cabo Wabo has roots that run deep — born in the agave fields of Mexico, and praised in the bars, man caves and backyard barbecues of America.  Founder — Sammy Hagar — was devoted to creating a tequila that would embody his beliefs of living free, working hard and playing harder.  A tequila that would celebrate his spiritual stomping ground, Cabo San Lucas, a place without limitations, inhibitions or boundaries.  The result is Cabo Wabo — Thick Cut Tequila with an agave-forward taste that cuts no corners and makes no apologies.

Throughout the 2016 barbecue season Burnt Finger BBQ will be responsibly sipping on the following Cabo Wabo products:

Tequila Blanco – As crystal clear as the waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco arouses the senses with fresh floral aromas complemented by notes of lime and mint. Handcrafted from 100-percent Weber’s Blue Agave, our blanco boasts unadulterated agave flavors and a slightly spicy character that teases the palate, and delivers a crisp, clean finish that leaves you energized and refreshed. Enjoy Cabo Wabo Tequila Blanco as a chilled shot or in your favorite premium drink.

Tequila Reposado – Recognized as one of the finest tequilas in the world, Cabo Wabo Tequila Reposado delivers a distinctive experience that even the most discerning drinkers find delightful and unique. An assertive nose of sweet lime, orange and fresh herbs excites upon pouring. Maturation in American oak casks for 4 to 6 months infuses our Reposado with a bold peppery flavor and hints of fruit that linger on the palate briefly, followed by a long, spicy finish. A truly incomparable spirit, Cabo Wabo Tequila Reposado is ideal for sipping solo or in a top-shelf margarita or other mixed drinks.

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